Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Morning Musings - My birthday

My birthday was this weekend, and it was AWESOME!!  Derek always does a really good job of making the day special.  The whole day was all about me.  I got to choose whatever I wanted to do; he even let me choose what to listen to on the iPod! 

The cutest part of the day was in the morning.  Derek came home from his early morning job and took Cadence so I could go back to sleep (she had kept me up quite a bit of the night and I really needed more sleep).  He also offered to make me pancakes for breakfast.  After I woke up and got ready for the day, I came out to have breakfast.  Derek was struggling a bit taking care of Cadence and making food, so I took her.  He looked a little sad and said to me, "This morning isn't working out like I wanted it to.  I wanted your food to be ready for you already, and you weren't supposed to have to do anything!"  He's a keeper!! :)

And Derek planned a surprise evening of fun for me.  He invited our friends over for games and trifle (It even stayed a surprise until just before they came.  That's a record for us, I usually find everything out!).  So much fun!  Thanks guys for the great evening!!

I got some great presents.  Thanks Mom and Dad Nay and Mom and Dad Cheney for the birthday money.  I'll be putting it to good use soon!  And I'm so excited to watch Yes Man and eat yummy snacks with Derek.


  1. Happy belated birthday!! I'm glad you had a nice one and that your hubby is soo sweet.

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel!! So glad you had an awesome day and YES, Derek definitely is a keeper!! :D

  3. Happy Birthday a couple of days late!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for sharing your trifle and the fun game! We can't wait to see your photoshop scrapbook page of the day!!!! When do you want to have your 2nd birthday party?