Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Fall

Like I wrote yesterday, Fall is finally here!  It's my favorite season; it has so many great birthdays and holidays!

Top 10 Tuesday - Fall

  1. Nice cool weather.  It's my favorite time to be outside.  I'm neither sweating nor freezing.
  2. Warm sweaters.  I love sweaters!
  3. Pretty Fall leaves.  I remember when I was a kid, my parents used to take us on a ride through Provo Canyon to look at the leaves.  It's a great memory.
  4. Halloween.  I'm not sure why Halloween is my favorite holiday.  There aren't any presents.  It's not about being together as a family, but there is something fun about dressing up and cute scary things.
  5. My birthday.  I'm lucky my birthday is in the fall... or maybe Fall is my favorite season because of my birthday.  Either way, I love having my birthday in October.
  6. School starting.  I'm not going to school right now and I don't like going to school (too much studying), but it's always exciting to meet new teachers and buy new supplies.
  7. Hot Cocoa.  I love hot chocolate and it's cool enough in Fall that I can get away with drinking it without looking weird.
  8. Long pants.  I prefer to wear long pants and -- similar to number seven -- it's cool enough in Fall that I can get away with it without looking weird, like I do in the summer.
  9. Wrapping up in blankets.  I feel all nice and cozy wrapping up in a blanket and watching TV.  Can't do that in warm weather.
  10. Cadence's birthday.  New to my top ten list, Cadence's birthday marks the beginning of Fall.  Now Fall has even more special meaning to me!!!!


  1. Yay! I love fall, too! You're right--having Cadence's bday in the fall is just another big plus!!

  2. Me, too, to all of it!

    I just got out all of our sofa blankets today. My boys were so excited! I think they love fall, too.