Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday - A hardworking man

This week I'm particularly grateful for my husband.  Derek is the greatest!  He works two jobs, one of which starts at 3:00 AM!  And he's always willing to help me out with Cadence when he's home.  He'll take her for an hour or two when he gets home from his early morning job so I can get a little more sleep, and he's always offering to do whatever's needed in the evenings after he gets home from his handyman job.   He really works around the clock!!  What a hard working man!

AND for the past week Derek's been extra nice by offering to stay up a little later at night so I can get some extra rest because I think I'm coming down with something (hopefully it's just a little cold).  This is a big deal because he really needs his sleep at night so he can get up early. 

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband!  And I'm so excited for the next job he'll be doing because he'll be able to do it from home in the garage.  That way if I get lonely for him, I can just step outside!

PS: And I can't forget my dad as well. He's been a lifesaver, too!  If he hears Cadence and I having a really rough time, he always takes a break from work to work his grandpa magic to get her to settle down.  He's also a hardworking man!  Not only does he have his full time computer job, he is also the primary caregiver for my disabled mom.

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