Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Parts About the First Month

As of last week, Cadence is one month old!  Time is weird.  Looking back, it's seemed to fly by so quickly, but getting through each day and night has seemed like it's taken so long.  Must be something about newborns.  Or maybe just children? 

My Favorite Things About Cadence's First Month

  1. Finally getting to see what she looks like.  Derek and I discussed this for a long time.  We're pretty accurate so far.  She looks a lot like me but with blond hair and blue eyes.

  2. Finally making a choice on feeding.  As I said before, looking back on time, it seems to fly.  This choice really only took me two weeks, but the stress of the two options made it seem like so much longer.  Now I'm completely happy and guilt free about the choice I made!

  3. My Project 365.  I made a goal to complete a P365 of Cadence from day one.  It's taken some effort.  Most of the time, I'm so busy taking pictures is the furthest thing from my mind, but I'm so glad I'm doing it!  It's going to be so fun to go back and see how much she's changed.  Heck, it's already fun to go back and look through the pictures and it's only been one month!!

  4. Seeing Cadence's unique personality come out.  Some parts of this are less fun than others.  She has quite a temper!  But when she's happy, she's happy!  And it's so much fun to play with her!

  5. Willow's attitude towards Cadence.  Most of the time, Willow pretty much ignores her.  She seems to know she's there, but doesn't really care.  Even when Cadence is crying extremely loud.  Willow just kind of looks at us like, "Well, what are you going to do to stop this?"  But the other day, she got really brave while Cadence was in her bouncy seat on the floor.  Willow did the curious cat move and slapped her on the head with her (clawless) front paw.  Cadence didn't really like it that much...

  6. The portability factor.  Cadence is still pretty portable.  So even though I'm feeling a little trapped these days, I don't feel too trapped.

  7. Cute little clothes.  Cadence was pretty big when she was born, but not too big.  She still fits into the cute little girl clothes.  And with as much as she spits up, she's wears two sometimes three different outfits a day!

  8. My boppy pillow.  This pillow has been one of the best baby items I've used!  Cadence has been pretty heavy as we hold her since day one so a support is necessary.  I'll tell you just how necessary it is.  It's pink stripped and Derek still asks for it! :)

  9. Great help from family and friends.  Having a baby and becoming a mom has been a really hard transition for me.  It really stresses me out.  I'm sure it stresses every parent out, but it seems a little more extreme for me.  I've been really blessed to have great family and friends who are willing to go the extra mile to help me out.  One friend in particular really goes the extra mile.  Thank you so much Tanya!

  10. Getting to hold and snuggle with Cadence.  There are times during the day I just like to sit and snuggle with my sleeping baby!  Even when I have a ton of other things to do.  She's just too cute!


  1. I lOVE how portable they are at this age! It certainly get more tricky, the older they get.

  2. I definately think time going by fast is a kid thing. Super noticeable when they are newborns but it still hasn't stopped with Gunnar and he is almost 4! Someday you will probably add naps on there. I sure wish we still had long consistant ones in this house.

  3. Yay! I'm so excited for you! I did a picture/day for Lydia, too. (My computer also lost 2 months worth. UGH. I still feel sick about it!)

  4. Aw, happy 1 month to your baby! My son just turned 5 months last week, and my daughter turned 3 year last month, and I just can't believe how fast it's all going!!

  5. I remember how the days dragged when Ladybug was a newborn. And how I dreaded the nights too because I don't do well with lack of sleep! but since then, time has FLOWN by! I look at newborn clothes and can't remember her ever being that small!

    Congrats on your sweet addition!

  6. Wonderful times!!! Tough times, but wonderful:)

  7. This was great to read Rachel!!! Cadence is so sweet and so fun! We just can't get enough of see and holding her! Hope things went great for you today! I am so glad you are my friend too!