Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Reasons Why I Love/Hate Costco

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with Costco.  I think a lot of us do.  There's so much great stuff there.  But that's the problem, there's so much great stuff!  It's so easy to go broke.  But I can't break myself of the Costco shopping habit, nor do I really want to! :)

Top 10 Tuesday - Reasons Why I Love/Hate Costco

  1. Love--The quality of their produce.  Costco's produce never goes bad on me, and there's plenty of it!  Nothing makes me madder than to buy fruits and vegetables that just go bad within a day or two.  They're expensive!!

  2. Love--The Cafe.  Where else can you buy a hot dog and soda for a $1.50?  And they're good hot dogs!  The pizza's great too. 

  3. Love--The book section.  It's almost like they choose books for me!  I can always find at least one... or two books that I just can't live without.  And their nearly half off prices make it that much harder to leave without them!

  4. Love--The clothes.  This last weekend, I got a new coat, boots and a new shirt all for really great deals from Costco making the store a winner in my book!

  5. Love--The electronics section.  I can't usually afford anything there--we're poor folk--but I love to peruse.  I think I'm a techie.
  6. Hate--The organization of the food. The isles don't have signs telling you what's where and the organization doesn't make that much sense to me, so I usually go through every isle to find the things I need.

  7. Hate--The selection.  Costco doesn't have a wide variety of choices.  In fact, they almost have no variety.  They carry the one brand of an item, and that's it.  Sometimes they have the Kirkland brand along with the name brand, but not very often.

  8. Hate--The "deals."  As I wrote in #7, Costco often only carries the name brand items which isn't always a bad thing.  Sometimes name brand is better.  But we're kind of fooled into thinking buying in bulk is such a great deal.  Yeah, sure.  You're getting a good deal on name brands.

  9. Hate--The time I spend inside.  I always loose track of time when I'm shopping.  A-L-W-A-Y-S.  It's like time stops for me.  Not a good thing.  And it's especially bad in Costco because of reasons #3-5 (plus the movie section too).

  10. Hate--The amount I spend.  I'm sure this is the same story for everybody.  You go in thinking you only need one or two items and come out with a $100 receipt.  One time I even came out with a $387 receipt.  But that was when I was cooking for a month.  Lots and lots of meat!


  1. It is a dangerous wonderful store! How are you doing today? Hope life is good!

  2. Yep, that about covers the whole Costco phenom!

    I loved Costco but I let our membership lapse because Sam's and BJ's are much closer to me.

  3. I hardly end up in Costco anymore now that I coupon a ton. Active couponing can beat their prices and you still get the namebrand. However I still go there for several things. I could name them for ya: dog food, cheese & milk (still cheaper than anywhere), salsa & tortilla chips, sour cream. That just about does it. Of course there are the occassional random things like produce, croissants or awesome reusable water bottles. There is definately a love hate relationship there.

  4. I'm totally with ya on this whole Costco thing! Especially the clothes (Hello! Lucky jeans for $40!), the fact that they can't have signs telling you what's down the aisles and the amount you spend! AGH! It's always, at least, $100! Another pet peeve, why not open a 5 item or less check out? Just sayin'!

  5. I totally agree with your reasons but in the end Costco always wins out! haha

  6. I hear you! It's fun but...kind of an experience all it's own. You ARE right about the books. I LOVE going in for hte books!