Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Way Back When Wednesday - Ok, so it wasn't that long ago... Part II

Continued from last week's Way Back When...

It took them so long to stitch me back up.  Or at least it seemed like it took so long.  Time passed by slowly when half of my body was numb.  My two doctors chatted a bit while they worked, and I tried to chat with them as well, but I didn't have too much to say other than, "How many kids do you have Dr. Skinner," and "I think I'd like to do this again with my next kid!"

Then they wheeled me into the recovery room.  At this point all I could think about was the HORRIBLE taste in my mouth (having a baby hadn't really hit me yet).  I kept asking the nurse in the recovery room if I could take off the oxygen mask, but she didn't do much about it, until the nurse from the OR left.  Then she happily took it from me.  And she gave me some gum.  Wonderful gum!

I was in there for about an hour, pretty much alone.  I think I was the only patient in there so it was just me and the two nurses.  One sat right next to me and read a magazine.  Both were nice and easy to chat with.  

By the time they took me to my room, I was only able to wiggle my left foot and the toes on my right.  But it wasn't long before I was able to move everything.  But I didn't really want to.  It was an odd feeling getting feeling back.  I kind of expected it to be painful like when your feet fall asleep, but it wasn't like that at all.  It was just weird.

After a few minutes, they brought Cadence into our room.  What can I say about those first few minutes?  They were wonderful and scary all at the same time.  In one way, it felt like she wasn't my baby at all with the c-section and hour long wait in the recovery room.  In another way, I knew she was mine because she was my CLONE!!  I couldn't believe how much she looked like my newborn pictures.  There was no mistaking, she was my child!

The three of us only spent three days and two nights in the hospital.  I was lucky enough to have Derek be able to also sleep in the room with us.  And boy, did I need him!  Those two nights were really rough for me.  Seems like night time makes everything worse!  I was feeling anxious about EVERYTHING and had absolutely no idea what to do for her or how to do it!  I used my call button frequently.

I was so sure I'd keep Cadence with me day and night in the hospital.  I really didn't want to put her in the nursery.  I was really worried about her feeling sad or neglected.  But at about midnight on the second night, I was at my wit's end.  She was being so fussy and I was so frazzled.  I was bawling because my baby girl was crying and I couldn't do anything to help her!!  See the hormones?  I talked to a nurse and decided to put her in the nursery so I could get some much needed sleep (Sometimes I wish I had that option now!).  Best decision I made that night!

My recovery went pretty quickly.  I had bit of pain, but it was quite manageable with some drugs.  I was able to walk to and from the bathroom the first day, and by the second and third day I was confident enough to carry Cadence around with me.  Sitting up was a trick, but that's why hospital beds have those cool remotes right?

The morning of the third day, my doctors told me I could go home whenever I wanted to; Cadence and I were both doing just fine.  Of course, it took all day to get the needed paperwork together and for my doctor--who was now also Cadence's pediatrician--to sign her off.  But she finally came around 5:00 that evening.

It was so nice to get out of that hospital!  It was nice being waited on hand and foot, but the bed was uncomfortable and I really didn't miss getting my vitals checked twice a night!

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